Compass Real Estate Office Finish-Out

Encotech provided Design Services for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) for the Compass Real Estate office finish-out project located on the 2nd Floor of the newly constructed building at 8500 Bee Caves Road in Austin, TX. This modern office space featured an open-ceiling concept with large open desk areas, individual perimeter offices, huddle rooms, multiple panties, technology rooms and high-end conference rooms with AV integration. The building was unique in that it contained a non-perpendicular core which created unusual angles and required an eye for creativity in coordinating routing of all services as they relate to architectural features and flow.
One challenging aspect of this full-floor corporate tenant finish-out project was coordination with base building utilities given the finish-out project schedule vs the base building construction schedule. With the Austin commercial market booming at the time of design in 2019, the Landlord secured this Compass lease prior to the building being completed.
At the time of design, the Electrical panels had not yet been installed in the field, since the base building construction was still underway. On a subsequent survey, Encotech discovered that the base building panels that were later install did not match the base building design drawings which were previously used as the basis for our tenant design. Encotech quickly flagged the item and worked closely and amenably with the Landlord’s representative and contractor to ensure that the finished product was fully coordinated with Encotech’s design.
For Plumbing, close attention was paid to the ceiling conditions on the floor below to properly route and pitch long runs of sanitary piping in the ceiling of the floor below. Revit modeling was utilized to its full capabilities with multi-trade coordination required for water pipe routing to one of the pantries adjacent to the Server Room